The unfinished story

An attempt to stitch shards of a story that has been playing in my heads since 1986. I am going to try to start at the end with inserts. Therefore, I will number each post as to its order, and when something needs to be inserted between the string already published, I will deliniate with which previous entries it should be sandwiched. Ok. That is all for now. Thanks for being here.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Organization 1.0

I. A 1. a

I. Ludwig's Enchantment
   A. The Legend
   B. Journey over the sea
   C. Recent Discoveries
II. Gustav & Victoria
   A. Journey to Coney
   B. Fire
   C. Rescue
   D. Westword
   E. Eagle Park
III. Eagle Park
   A. Death of Emry
      1. Somebody
      2. E-mail
      3. Newsroom
      4. Funeral
   B. The morning after
   C. Fight or flight
   D. The boat
   E. The auction
   F. Love the one your with
   G. Star crossing
   H. Mysterious Helpers
   I. Ax from stage left
   J. Exit strategy B
   K. Finish the Sentence
   L. Betrayal
   M. The morning after
      1. Death of Emry
   N. Celebration
   O. Evening in the Park
   P. Sweet good night

Sunday, March 20, 2011